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Gold Rate Kakinada page gives you the exact details of the gold rate as per the market trend.

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Today 916 KDM Gold Rate, 22 Carat and 24 Carat Gold Rate in Kakinada

Standard (22K) Gold
1 Gram
Standard (22K) Gold
8 Gram
Pure (24K) Gold
1 Gram
Pure (24K) Gold
8 Gram
12 Aug 2020
₹ 5,013
₹ 40,104
₹ 5,367
₹ 42,936
11 Aug 2020
₹ 5,242
₹ 41,936
₹ 5,609
₹ 44,872
10 Aug 2020
₹ 5,365
₹ 42,920
₹ 5,741
₹ 45,928
09 Aug 2020
₹ 5,385
₹ 43,080
₹ 5,762
₹ 46,096
08 Aug 2020
₹ 5,380
₹ 43,040
₹ 5,795
₹ 46,360
07 Aug 2020
₹ 5,416
₹ 43,328
₹ 5,795
₹ 46,360
06 Aug 2020
₹ 5,374
₹ 42,992
₹ 5,750
₹ 46,000
05 Aug 2020
₹ 5,301
₹ 42,408
₹ 5,672
₹ 45,376
04 Aug 2020
₹ 5,202
₹ 41,616
₹ 5,566
₹ 44,528
03 Aug 2020
₹ 5,199
₹ 41,592
₹ 5,563
₹ 44,504
02 Aug 2020
₹ 5,178
₹ 41,424
₹ 5,540
₹ 44,320
01 Aug 2020
₹ 5,178
₹ 41,424
₹ 5,540
₹ 44,320
31 Jul 2020
₹ 5,150
₹ 41,200
₹ 5,511
₹ 44,088
30 Jul 2020
₹ 5,093
₹ 40,744
₹ 5,450
₹ 43,600
29 Jul 2020
₹ 5,075
₹ 40,600
₹ 5,430
₹ 43,440
28 Jul 2020
₹ 5,037
₹ 40,296
₹ 5,390
₹ 43,120
27 Jul 2020
₹ 5,013
₹ 40,104
₹ 5,364
₹ 42,912
26 Jul 2020
₹ 4,904
₹ 39,232
₹ 5,247
₹ 41,976
25 Jul 2020
₹ 4,904
₹ 39,232
₹ 5,247
₹ 41,976

Things to Remember Before Buying Gold Jewellery in Kakinada

Kakinada is one of the most sought-after places for buying gold jewelry. Considering the gold rate today in Kakinada, if you are too caught up to buy some gold from this place, you’ll find this information bona fide!

Be aware of the Gold Prices charges:

Leading Jewelers or for that matter even local jewelers always quote a higher price by the karat. Assume the prevailing rate of gold as 3000 per gm for 24K. So for example, if you are buying a 22K gold ring the price per gm you must pay is 22K/24K*3000 = 2750. But they always charge you higher about 5-8 percent as most customers do not question and don’t exactly know how it must be calculated. So they end up making a profit on the prevailing gold rate.

Paying for everything by the price of gold:

At times there are gold designs with colored stones, pearls, artificial diamonds, etc. studded into the gold and people end up paying for them in the price of gold if they do not ask the jeweler to deduct their weight from the gold item.

The truth behind the actual Karat:

Previously a jeweler charged you for 22K and was assumed to be 22K but in general, it used to be always around 18K. Though this practice has reduced to almost negligible because of the government’s effort of pushing for Hallmarked Jewelry. So always buy only Hallmarked Jewellery.

Making Charges:

Jewelers generally charge you approximate 400–500 per gm as making the charge that is about 15–20 percent of the gold price charged. But in reality, these charges for them are as low as 200 per gram.

Yellow, Rose and White Golds are priced the same:

Jewelers always demand a higher price for white gold and rose gold making. But this should not be the case as it turns out they just have to mix a few alloys to get that particular gold color. So never pay higher whatever the color of your gold.

Buy Back of Gold Jewelry:

Always ask about return policies as they follow the 99:1 policy which says 99 percent of the buyers never come back to sell their Jewelry. So drill your seller on their buyback policies and you can make them eat their words back or take the jewelry in case you have to return it in the future.

If you can master the above steps you can never just go wrong. Never go by the words of a particular seller as he wants to get the money from your pocket to his.

A bit about me. I am a certified IGI Gemologist and a wholesaler of diamond solitaires and diamond Jewelry based out from Mumbai, India. I can guarantee the best prices for your diamond solitaire purchase and diamond jewelry pieces.

Some Interesting Facts About Gold
Gold rate

  • Only 30% of gold sold in India hallmarked. The experts have noticed that the difference in purity of gold and average carat ranges from 10 to 15%.
  • Jewelers Association in the city decides the gold rate and Kakinada is no exception. Based on the daily gold rate calculated by the Indian Bullion and Jewellers Association (IBJA), the jewelers decide whether or not to give a discount depending on the demand and headroom they have.
  • It is one of the most liquid commodities and gold held by all major institutions including the Central Bank keeps circulating in the economy.
  • Price determined by stock equilibrium instead of flow equilibrium.
  • Factors influencing the price of gold are different from those affecting other financial assets.
  • China is the world’s largest gold producer at more than 3.61 tons, followed by South Africa.
  • More than 2/3rd of the gold that we get comes from South Africa.
  • There is nothing most malleable and ductile than gold and believe it or not. you can create a sheet of around 100 square feet by beating an ounce of gold.
  • When it comes to conducting electricity, gold is an excellent conductor. So be aware of your gold chain. It might give you a shock if you don’t take enough precaution.
  • The largest consumer of gold in India. No doubt you see Indian women loving gold, but these days times are changing so they need more diamonds than gold!

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