Hair Growth Tips

Hair Growth Tips

Hair growth tips with home remedies

Hair growth tips to control hair falls and things to have healthy & longer hairs naturally. We are sharing important tips to stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally at home. It is very important to believe in natural remedies for skin and hair care.

Hair growth tips to control hair falls 1 – Diet Plan:

First, we need to drink lots of freshwaters, eat nuts like almonds, walnuts, figs, dates, peanuts, flaxseeds and fresh vegetables especially green leafy vegetables. Citrus fruits like lemons oranges and amla the best ones for hair growth. It all has the best effect on hairs inside out by eating them.

Hair growth tips to control hair falls 2 – Shampoo:

Avoid chemical and parabens infused shampoo conditioner and things like serum gels and all. Make your own shampoo at home with ingredients mixing dried amla powder, shikakai, reetha, hibiscus powder, methi( fenugreek) powder and apply it weekly on hairs.

The best homemade conditioner for hair is vinegar. Mix 2 or 3 tablespoons of vinegar in jug water and wash your hair with it at last after shampoo and leave them to dry.

How to wash hair to stop hair fall?

Hair growth tips to control hair falls 3 – Oil:

Applying the oil is a good thing in hairs. The best oil for your hair is that according to the region and climate you live in. As if you live in north hilly India, the best oil for your hair is almond oil. If you Live in north plains, the best one is mustard and for southern India, coconut oil is the best one. So try oil 2 hours before hair wash.

Hair growth tips to control hair falls 4 – Hair Mask

Applying a hair mask is also good for hairs. Aloe vera curry leaves lemon mask, curd honey mask for dandruff, potato onion lemon mask for hair loss and gray hairs fresh hibiscus flower and its leaves’ mask for nice colour and texture, banana besan mask for silky shiny hairs are some effective masks that Can be applied on hairs for best results.

Hair grow tips

This is the favorite hair pack which includes aloe, hibiscus flower and some leaves of it, some curry leaves. Blend it all in the grinder and add some lemon juice honey and any oil if your Choice. Just apply it for half an hour and rinse with lukewarm water. Feel the awesome difference in your beautiful hair.

Hair grow tips

Hair growth tips to control hair falls 5 – Avoidable:

  • Save hairs from direct sun rays, save them from dirt and dust.
  • Don’t use anyone’s comb, clutches, hairpins, bands, etc because it may cause infection to the hairs.
  • Don’t use electronic equipment like dryers epilators repeatedly on hairs because these things make dead the hair, it’s quality, shine, natural oil, etc. and reduce the quantity of hair too.
  • And at last, the most important thing is do yoga and pranayama and feel like all the good and positive energy and fresh oxygen is going in your beautiful hair and body too and healing it’s properties and making them as you wish to. It will work definitely.

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