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How to wash hair to stop hair fall?

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How to wash hair to stop hair fall?

How to wash hair to stop hair fall?

How to wash hair to stop hair fall, People should be worried about hair fall when there are more than 70–100 hair falling per day. Below that, it’s considered normal and is a part of the normal recycling process in the scalp.

If you have thinning or falling hair, your hair washing habits might be the culprit.

There is no particular way of performing head wash but there are some tips, We could share with you.

  1. Don’t wash your hair with hot water. Hot water tends to dry the scalp and make it very itchy and increase dandruff.
  2. There is no particular frequency for washing hair. It depends on your hair type. For some people whose scalp is very greasy, you might need hair wash more frequently than other people who have normal or dry scalp. But, don’t keep your scalp greasy and dirty to avoid hair fall.
  3. The scalp should always be clean after the head wash. We see lots of people who have lots of grease and dandruff on their scalp. This affects the hairs. So, if your scalp is very greasy and there are too much dandruff and itching, so see a dermatologist.
  4. Don’t do vigorous oiling of hair before head wash. Vigorous oiling will traumatize the roots of the hairs and they might break off more easily.
  5. Don’t do vigorous shampoo massage during bathing. This might also traumatize the hairs.
  6. For normal scalp, almost any form of mild shampoo is good. But, for oily scalp or itchy scalp or lots of dandruff, you might need some special shampoo.
  7. After shampooing, it’s wise to use a conditioner to condition your hair fiber.
  8. Don’t blow dry your hair with the heat often. This damages the hair fiber making them prone to breakage. It’s better to allow hair to dry naturally.
  9. Don’t comb your hair while wet. They are prone to break more often at that time.
  10. If you plan to visit a dermatologist for your hair concern, it’s better not to wash your hair that day. We often do a hair pull test on your hair, if you have hair loss. And on recently washed hair, this test might be negative. These are some general tips I could think of regarding hair washing. But hair fall can be due to many different reasons. And some amount of hair loss per day is normal.

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