BabyGo Plastic Cushioned Potty Seat With Handle (Blue)

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  • Cushioned potty seat.
  • Easy to place on top of a standard-sized household toilet.
  • Easy to use and portable & Excellent for use in public restrooms.
  • Colorful with printed animated charracter.
  • A wonderful gift for the mother on the go.
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Product description


After using a potty chair for a while, it’s time for a transition to potty seat. Babygo cushioned potty seat is perfect for potty training your toddler. It fits perfectly on top of a regular toilet seat. The soft, cushioned seat add to comfort of your child and the easy grip handles provide stability. Designed to encourage independence and build confidence in toddlers while toilet training: a durable model that won’t tip over when your child jumps up to check her progress.