HOOPA Feeding Pillow Plus, Blue | Feeding Pad | Nursing Pad

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  • Shoulder strap transfers weight to shoulder and reduces efforts. Shoulder strap is adjustable
  • 2 use for price of 1 product – FEEDING PILLOW and INFANT CARRIER
  • Hoopa Feeding Pillow Plus ( HFP Plus) is the only reclined pillow for infant – age group “ newborn upto 4 months”. During this period newborn is always in reclining position and cannot be fed in flat horizontal position
  • Protects baby / boy from jerks during feeding and improper caring. Freedom at Feeding.
  • Hands free feeding of Hoopa Infant Carrier Plus gives lot of relief
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Product description


HOOPA feeding pillow plus (hfp plus) is an advanced version of HOOPA feeding pillow. It is the only reclined carrier for infant – age group new-born upto 4 months. This is the period when infant is always in reclining position and cannot be held in vertical carriers supports the delicate body of new-born including neck, head, spine, hands and legs ergonomically designed contours provide best position to new-born for feeding and burping protects infant from jerks during feeding and lifting shoulder strap is adjustable and thus it can be adjusted to match mom’s height and physio who recommends that infant must be in reclined position at feeding 100 percent washable and anti-microbial prevents contagious disease from approaching infant prevents flat head syndrome because of a contoured head position convenient and safe how to use rest your baby at centre of HOOPA feeding pillow plus (hic plus). Then hold HOOPA, in any comfortable manner, in your arms. Your new-born is safe within HOOPA. HOOPA cushion is the simplest way to feed at any reclined angle, lift, hold and carry new-born infants while eliminating all jerks and associated risks. Why use HOOPA feeding pillow plus. Infant’s head requires a firm support because neck’s muscles aren’t strong enough to hold baby’s head in position. Mothers experience anxiety and concern when feeding new-born because they have to create different postures over long hours. HOOPA removes the risks involved in holding and lifting an infant.