P&D BROTHERS VR Headset Box with Headphones for iOS and Android Mobiles(White)

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  • AUDIO and VISUAL TREAT : VR Plus virtual reality 3D headset brings the most comprehensive mobile VR headset till date with state-of-the-art design and specifications.Now experience virtual reality in a simple, fun way.It’s easy to transport yourself with VR Plus,whether you want to play a game, take a virtual tour, or watch a movie, the possibilities are limitless
  • INTEGRATED HEADPHONES , now people have more control and immersiveness in VR like controlling volume and answering phone calls while in VR. INTEGRATED TOUCH BUTTON. can be used to trigger/select wherever its functionality is being used in the VR app/game,thus eliminating for an external remote or clicker. The remote can be used for navigation.Even it can be used to connect to your other Android or IOS devices
  • Inbuilt Sterio Sound Headphone and Capacitive Touch Button, This VR Headset Support Smartphones Upto 6″ Inch Screen. Premium Headset, There Are Camera Access
  • Type of lens – aspherical optical lens and diameter of lens is 42.5mm
  • The Device incorporates super soft cushioning for your face and well placed ventilation holes for heat dissipation of your smartphone. It is also equipped with comfortable elastic head-strap, completely adjustable from 3 ends to distract pressure from the bridge of your nose and your face. The distortion proof 42 MM HD lenses reduce the eye fatigue and eliminates the incidence of simulator sickness and offers unparalleled FOV of 120 Degrees
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Product description

EL TORO VR is a premium VR headset with 120 degrees large field of view lenses which are made of Japanese PMMA and provide total immersion. The lenses are 42.5mm in size and have adjustments for focal distance which is suitable for people within 0 – 800 degrees myopia, and 0 – 400 degree hyperopia; in other words it means there is no need for wearing prescription glasses if you have any and if you don’t, you don’t need to adjust the focal distance. The interpupillary distance (IPD) can be adjusted as well which overall reduces the eye strain and delivers crisp visuals making the VR a truly universal Virtual Reality headset. The VR comes equipped with an internal touch button which is built for capacitive touch screens and it successfully replaces the popular magnetic clipper for Google Cardboard. There are stretchable 3.5mm jack wire which plugs into your phones 3.5mm jack and interacts with the phone for audio. VR is equipped with adjustable headphones with soft memory foam and 40mm diaphragm which provides excellent sound quality, further enhancing the Virtual Reality Experience. The headphones help in cancelling out the noise to a good level and are comfortable to wear. You can easily increase and decrease the volume while using a VR application or accept or reject a call – all this via a single internal volume adjustment button. IT is built with Multi-layer thermolysis design which make the VR capable of taking long hours of usage without heating up the phone. The front flap is designed such that it has amazing heat dissipation and has ample space to connect your charger. Couple that with the fact that the VR comes with a soft foam cushioning which covers your face perfectly well without causing disturbance or irritation. IT is a perfect VR headset for long hours of usage. The Headstraps are adjustable and comes with head support cushions with which users can adjust the size as per their convenience. VR is simple to operate