Safe-O-Kid Large-Car Essential Mirror-Rear 360 Degree Rotational View , Black

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  • EASILY KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR LITTLE ONE: This great baby car accessory will allow your baby to never leave your sight, it helps you to see your baby when they are in a rear car seat, without having to turn your head while driving.
  •  HIGH-QUALITY GLASS SAFETY: With reinforced glass explosion-proof membrane and shatterproof acrylic glass surface, the mirror does its best to protect the baby and the parent.
  • WIDE ANGLE CONVEX MIRROR AND NEW DESIGN: 360 degree rotation, no obstruction to rear view visibility. The mirror is connected to a headrest mount separately, which allows for full manoeuvrability in all the angles of your vehicle.
  • DRIVE SAFE: The mirror doesn’t vibrate or distort things too much, will not fog up, and not glare at night. Convex glasses for a wider viewing angle. 
  • EASY TO INSTALL: The mirror can be easily installed on the headrest.
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Product description

Size:Pack of 1

This 1-baby safety brings you the easiest baby car mirror installation available; all you have to do is safely mount your baby car mirror to your vehicle’s headrest using our baby care safety straps, specifically engineered to enhance your safety and overall driving experience. Keep your eyes on the road, while watching your baby’s every move 2-watch and learn with baby care’s baby car mirror that was specifically made to enhance parent and infant interactions while driving. Your infant can watch, learn, sing, dance, and laugh with you; courtesy of baby care’s baby mirror 3-baby tested and parent approved baby safety’s wide convex mirror and secure safety straps allow you to watch your baby’s every move. You can sing the abcs, practice counting, laugh.