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The Young Author: Ishita Banik

by findmefree
Ishita Banik

Ishita Banik: The best-selling author of ‘If We Last’ shares her journey of writing three books in two years

Ishita Banik, who has taken the literary world by storm with her debut novel & If We Last (After Crossing a Light-Year) & talks about her journey of becoming an author. The young writer, who is a software engineer by profession has started her literary journey with the best-selling novel & If We Last.

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Two other Novels:

She wrote two other novels, Till We Last and The City of Tunes. All her novels are the blends of two genres- romance and thriller. I have always been fond of writing and I took a leap of faith to go for my dreams, she says.

The journey of the Young Author:

Coming to her journey, she finished her debut novel when she was in the final year of her masters. Once she decided to get published, she used social media to promote her quotes to see the readers & responses. All my quotes started getting so much of likes, shares and also many ones started messaging me. That was the first time that I thought of publishing my book. I knew readers are going to like my book and I gave my best to make it work, Ishita Banik shares as she recalls her journey.


Her novel has become a bestseller and came in Amazon top 10 in no time.

She is now:

Presently she is working on multiple projects, one of which is most probably going to get released by this year. The young author believes in dreaming and aiming high. She writes on the writing process, how to get published, how to overcome writer blocks etc. in her blogs. Ishita Banik also loves writing life quotes on hope, inspiration, love, healing, etc. which she keeps posting on her social accounts. She believes in staying self-motivated and going for one & dreams as that’s what our purpose in life is.

Find Her On:

People can find her on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.